Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dreaming of Innocents

After months and months of toiling over the manuscript, we have finally come to the end of another part of our journey...completion of book 2 in the INNOCENTS series.

Cruelty To Innocents began as a single concept, a single idea that came during a period of lucid sleep. It quickly manifested into an ever evolving story that has taken on a life of its own. As each word has been put down onto paper & then transcribed to computer, we have discovered that the story has gone off in its own direction.

What began as a single concept with a few central characters, has morphed into an enormous creature with layer upon layer of plot & sub-plots, as well as enough extra characters to fill a small town.
Even though we breathed life into it and tried to shape it into what we wanted it to be, The Innocents series has taken a stand and chosen to live life on its own terms. As most parents are often forced to do, we sit back, sometimes reluctantly, and give it the space it needs to grow. We love it as best we can and with all our hearts. When it needs us we are there to cheer it on and to support it but mostly, we sit back proudly as it tells its own tale and we are in awe.

In the beginning I believed Cruelty To Innocents was my creation. How quickly the tables have turned. The Innocents series was NEVER my idea. It had its own unique way of dreaming innocents into my psyche and planting a tiny seed for us. It has allowed us to cultivate and nourish it and become vital tools for the story and its characters. We are a means to an end now, but only the Innocents know where their story will go or how it will end.

I continue to listen for the words to be whispered in my ear or plotted out in my dreams and with pen in hand I am ready for the tale to unfold.

The second book in the INNOCENTS series has been completed and the working title is...COLLECTING INNOCENTS.


  1. Great news to hear! (Okay, read, not hear) ;)

    Okay, now onto the third Innocents novel!

  2. We have it all mapped out & a working title ready!