Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thank You 2010

I would like to take a few moments to reflect upon the year that is nearing its close. 2010 was an unforgettable one and as I look back on it, I cannot help but beam with pride at how incredibly blessed I have been.
Of course the year saw its fair share of hard times that included the loss of two very dear friends. Matt & Valerie are gone from our everyday lives but the blessings of having known them will linger for the rest of my years. Often times when we experience pain and shed tears at the passing of friends & loved ones, we somehow miss the big picture. I am better for having known them and thankful for the time I had with them no matter how brief that time was.

2010 contained a plethora of amazing moments and I would be remiss if I did not make an attempt to acknowledge them and share them with others.

After realizing a lifelong dream of writing a novel, January started off with not only completion of that novel but also with an agent who believed in our work and wanted to represent us. As our agent, Cari Foulk continued to recruit new talent for the Tribe Literary Agency, we were introduced not only to new writers, but to people who would become true supporters and real friends.

Tribe Literary runs in a very unique way and embraces the diversity not only of the individuals it represents but also the genres that each amazing author writes in. Tribe continues to raise the bar and unite its authors which sets it apart from all the rest. The support the Tribe authors show for one another is honestly, a thing of beauty.

As mid year came it saw our novel being shopped to dozens of publishing houses. Though we have seen a couple of rejections, we are extremely hopeful for 2011 and that we will find the perfect publishing fit for the Innocents series.

WebbWeaver review blog celebrated 1 year of providing readers with reviews of the best books, movies & music, while WebbWeaver website had the privilege & honor of interviewing Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Michael Palmer, Claude Bouchard (Tribe Author), Luke Romyn (Tribe Author), Robert Crull, Jeremy C. Shipp, Michael Rushnak, Tasha Alexander, Thomas Emson, Lauren Kate, Beth Hoffman and Lara Adrian. As if this list of author interviews wasn't enough to be proud of, next year has a line up of authors that promises to be another one to remember.

During the year, my co-writer and I continued to press forward with the Innocents series and in October, we completed the second book, Collecting Innocents. Once again we were greeted with cheers and excitement from our agent who has become our biggest fan.

2010 also saw us branch out into other forms of media as book reviewers and contributors for Suspense Magazine. The magazine continues to grow & prosper and sales continue to escalate. Suspense Magazine can be found, not only on the shelves of thousands of bookstores across the US, but now in numerous other countries worldwide.

In November I had my very first author interview run live across the Internet and this time I was the one being interviewed.
After years of dreaming and working to see my name in print, that dream finally became a reality. In December, I was interviewed by Suspense Magazine and also had a two page feature run on The History Of Horror. My name in print...sheer heaven!

2011 is sure to be an even better year as more of my articles are set to run monthly through mid year and hopefully beyond. We have enough books to write and to read to keep us busy for a very long time... we have no complaints, only humble thanks.

We will be branching out in 2011 with a three book Urban Paranormal series that we started earlier this year titled The Devil's Playthings and we have plans to complete the third and final book in the Innocents series.

Everyday we continue to be met with tiny gifts along our journey and when hurdles show themselves we simply roll up our sleeves and climb on over them.
Last but certainly not least we have been blessed with and are thankful for every single reader, friend and fan that we have gained in 2010. Thousands of people take the time everyday to follow our reviews, read our posts & interviews or just stop by to say 'Hi' are all a part of what has made 2010 so very special.

What are you thankful for in 2010? What are you hopeful for in 2011?

Dreams have been realized, prayers answered and goals accomplished because each day we choose to show up & do our part. I will show up in 2011, do my part and be thankful for every step that we take on this journey.
Wishing you all the very best for the remainder of 2010 and for the promise of amazing things to come in 2011...