Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After long and careful consideration, the WebbWeaver duo, CK Webb & DJ Weaver, have made some critical decisions regarding their future in the literary world. We have decided to part ways with our literary agent and agency and begin a new journey. This has been an amicable split and though we leave the business relationship, we remain good friends with Cari Foulk and all the authors from Tribe. We will continue to do everything in our power to support, not only Cari & Tribe Literary, but each author represented by them. My fondest wish is that our friends, family and fans will also support the incredibly talented writers who are represented by Tribe Literary Agency. They are certain to make waves in the literary world.
Now, for the really good stuff! Our first novel, CRUELTY TO INNOCENTS: THE 911 ABDUCTIONS (Yes, that’s the full title), is off to professional editing and will soon be available for purchase as an e-book on several sites, including Amazon & Amazon UK. We will be working on blurbs, cover art and book synopsis while we wait. We are working extremely hard, as are many other wonderful people, to ensure that our fans receive the very best thriller we can give them.
Before the book goes up for sale, we will be posting, at least, the prologue and first couple of chapters to allow readers to ‘wet their whistle’ so to speak and get a feel for what Cruelty To Innocents is all about. This is the first book in the three book 911 Abduction series.
We intend to market book one like mad women. We have not lost sight of our ultimate goal, which is to see the ‘Innocents’ series picked up by a traditional publishing house. In the meantime, we hope that sales from book one will make a good case for us in that regard. We will eventually seek agency representation for book two, COLLECTING INNOCENTS, but not until we feel it sparkles like a rare diamond!
We will need our friends, family and fans more than ever and are hopeful that you will support our work. It will take each and every one of you to get the word out and hopefully we will see the ‘Innocents’ series do amazing things…together! We are very nervous, extremely excited and incredibly anxious to share with you all, CRUELTY TO INNOCENTS: THE 911 ABDUCTIONS.

CK Webb & DJ Weaver

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